About Me

It's me Suman Gadaili. I am originally from Marin Rural Municipality-2, Sirthauli, Sindhuli. The village stands on the south bank of the river Marin. On the north of the village there are large field and Marin Rural Municipality is only 7 k.m. away from my village. The population of our Municipality's is over Forty-five thousand. Most of them are Buddhists. And the most of the villager are farmers. Some are businessman and some are carpenters there are many educated men in our village. The people of our village are very simple and honest. They live in peace and happiness I am proud that I live in such an ideal village. But now I live in Marin Rural Municipality-6, Kapilakot, Sindhuli. I am an Employement Assistant (5th Level) of Marin Rural Municipality. I am married.

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